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Quarantine doesn’t scream WORK OUT to me, it says hey sit on the couch and watch Netflix and eat too many snacks. I am not the kind of girl who can just around for long – I am constantly needing to do something but the first week of quarantine I decided I was going to try to relax, I mean hey I am six months pregnant so I felt like that was a good excuse. Well its not, the longer I sat the more bored I got and I decided that week two I was going to get off my butt and workout every other day.

Lucky for me last year my husband and I bought a peloton bike – not necessary for your at home fitness regime but I did want to mention it incase you have been thinking about purchasing one. We love ours! I use mine currently 2x a week since I am pregnant but post-baby I will be on that bad boy as often as possible (once cleared of course). The thing I actually love a lot about Peloton is the app that comes with your online account. Basically you aren’t trapped into only using the bike or the tread when you buy a Peloton machine. There are so many options from walks to runs, at home floor exercises and yoga! All the instructors are also great so thats a bonus as well!

If you are interested in a Peloton Bike this is the package we bought: Essentials Set

One good thing about this quarantine situation is the fact that a lot of work out studios are now doing Instagram Live work outs. Something that most of these studios have never done before. Hot Pilates is an LA based pilates studio that I LOVED to try when I would travel for work. Unfortunately now I don’t travel but I am able to tune in during quarantine to take a juicy booty work out class. Just don’t forget to support the instructors and send them a Venmo. I also use and love Melissa Wood Health – if you are pregnant I highly highly suggest her for your at home work outs. The cost is only $10 a month for the app and you and unlimited access to some amazing classes all based in the idea of developing long lean muscles. Basically that gorgeous body we all want and see over social media.

  1. @hotpilates
  2. @melissawoodhealth – her work out app is what I am currently using during pregnancy
  3. @whitneyysimmons – She is a Youtuber that recently came out with an app for workouts both on the go and in the gym Alive
  4. @katyhearn – I feel like Katy and her husband are the OG Instagram fitness influencers. She has a baby and is currently pregnant with another so I love her and her line of products Alani Nu (I take her prenatals, omega and fish oil during pregnancy). Her app FitByKaty is great!
  5. @popsugarfitness – Popsugar is a great resource for all things health and fitness but their at home workout section has been an awesome program for all you babes. I have a lot of friends that use them and love it!
  6. BONUS! @kenzieburke – looking to restart your digestion, Kenzie Burke. Looking to eat healthier and feel better about your body, Kenzie Burke. Looking to understand proper food combining, Kenzie Burke. Basically for anything food related check out Kenzies programs.

Here are my tips for getting into working out at home and staying motivated……

Get into a routine. Yes we are all home but you don’t need to wake up at 9am somedays and 3pm other days. I like to get up at around 8am everyday and get my day going. I usually start my day with a warm lemon water, then coffee or juice then eat my breakfast. I work out around 11am if I am going a Melissa Wood Health work out or later in the afternoon if I am doing a Hot Pilates class since they are on PST.

Put it on your calendar! I put everything on my google cal and it sends me notifications 30 min to 1 hour before. Hot Pilates posts their class schedule for lives the night before so I typically will hop on IG before bed and just mark on my calendar what classes I want to take.

GET OUTSIDE. This is a big one for me – being inside all day sucks so something like a short walk is really beneficial for me and my mood (just not my allergies). You can also take your yoga mat outside and bring that iPad with you. Who says you can’t get a little vitamin D while you work up a sweat?

Dress like you would if you were going to a studio to work out! I know you are bumming all day but those cute Fabletics clothes aren’t going to wear themselves! I have so many cute work out outfits that I have been saving for my cute studio looks but now I just rock them at home and pretend I am there looking good AF in my neon leggings haha.

Get away from distractions – for me this is my dogs so before I work out either me or my husband play in the yard with them or take them on a walk so they are tired and ready for their afternoon nap. Nothing breaks my concentration more than my two dogs crying at me while I am in downward dog. Your distraction might be something else but find a way to get away from that.



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