Why I am Changing Up My Skincare in 2021 | Why I Decided to Give TULA a Go!

If you read my blog post around 2021 realistic goals you know that skincare is a huge priority for me. If you have known me or have been following me for a long time then you know that skincare has always been something I am really interested in. When I was pregnant with my son I found myself endlessly walking around Sephora and Ulta trying to find skincare that was safe to use. I just kept thinking well I guess I am just going to use moisturizer for the rest of this pregnancy and call it a day haha.

I remember getting into my car after and thinking if these aren’t safe while I am pregnant why would I want to use them post-baby? Then came my son and I never wanted to put anything potentially toxic on my face because I was always holding him. If you are a mom you understand how close you and your child are the first few months of life – especially if you are breast feeding. My hunt for safe and healthy skincare continued.

I had heard of TULA through different influencers and I am not the type to fall into the trap of people getting paid to post things they probably aren’t even using. I kept keeping on trying to find products that would work for me. The more research I did the more I actually really liked what TULA had to offer.

What I liked about the brand:

  • It was actually founded by a gastroenterologist and probiotic expert. I liked this because I am a strong believer that healthy skincare starts with good clean eating. I liked her background in probiotics and the research she did with the benefits of probiotics on skincare
  • I liked that they used clean quality ingredients to restore your skins natural balance vs putting hard chemicals onto your skin to try to do something that your skin actually probably doesn’t need or want
  • I liked that their tag line was healthy, not perfect. I don’t believe that perfection exists but I do believe that if you are healthy and if you’re skin is healthy you feel good about yourself and in turn feel like you can accomplish so much!
  • I liked that they offered an array of products that fit my needs and exactly what I was looking for. I read many upon many of their reviews on products and many people claim wonderful results – especially with their moisturizers which is something I was looking for!
  • Over all I loved the company as a whole and their clear message of woman empowerment and making everyone feel confident in their own skin.

I wanted to fill you all in on the products that I purchased but I want make you aware that TULA offers an online test that helps you decide what work best for YOUR SKIN. My skin is some times dry, mainly in the winter months. I have under eye circles and uneven skin tone. I wanted to focus on hydrated, moisturized and glowing skin with smooth overall texture.

I went with these //

  1. Overnight Repair Treatment
  2. Illuminating Serum 
  3. Resurfacing & brightening fruit enzyme mask
  4. Firming & Hydrating Face Moisturizer
  5. Triple Vitamin C Serum
  6. Hydrating Day & Night Cream (supersize)
  7. Blurring & moisturizing primer
  8. I will also be purchasing the brightening & neutralizing eye balm and the purifying face cleanser once I am out of the one I have

Products I Mentioned


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