So I got Eye Lash Extensions…

Well if you follow me on IG you probably have noticed by now that my eye lashes are looking damn good (if I do say so myself). My entire life there have been two things I have been the most self conscious about when it comes to my appearance. 1. My nose and 2. My eye lashes. Why eye lashes might you ask? Well I have none! Well, not completely accurate – they are blonde which really looks like I have none in turn I feel like a boy with out makeup on. You see, I have huge eyes that I get from my mother so they are a super dominant feature on my face. I have always loved my eyes but have never been the type to be able to walk out of the house with out mascara and not feel uncomfortable.

I found out about eye lash extensions years ago but was always hesitant because I had heard HORROR stories of it ripping out your real lashes, causing infections, adverse reactions like allergies….no thank you. Let’s go back in time for a hot minute. About 8 months ago now I went to my eye doctors office with a horrible pain in my left eye – right above my iris portion of my eye ball. I was in sooo much pain even at my wedding. It wasn’t something visible unless I lifted my eye lid. It seemed so feel better when I had my contacts in which later I found out it was because my contact was preventing my lid from rubbing on this specific area of my eye. You see, I had somehow given myself a bad abrasion of the eye – so badly that it took three eye doctors in a room to figure out how to properly treat it. It was pretty bad. Come to find out that this abrasion was a result of an allergic reaction of the eye makeup I had been using. I knew I had issues allergy wise with preservatives. At age 18 I was put on special contact lenses that are preservative free so really I should have known better. The mascara I was using had caused a ruckus in my eye.

I switched to hypoallergenic eye makeup but always wondered about eye lash extensions. Questions constantly racing through my mind – does it hurt? How long does it take? Who should I even go to? Would I get allergies? I asked so many friends of mine who had extensions if they liked them, how often they went, how long did it take – basically everything under the sun. Finally I decided I needed to give this a go. What really pushed me in this direction was the fact that I was so diligent with my skincare and my skin was looking amazing but I could never just walk out the door with out sitting in my vanity chair and at least putting on mascara.

So I made an appointment with a friend of a friend. I figured since she came recommended it was an easy decision. She also has her own studio space which I liked because #supportbossbabes . I got there and she went over all the deets – the process and how to take care of them to ensure they would last me the test of time! I was cool with everything and seemed pretty straight forward. I went with a blend of classic lashes and hybrid. I wanted a super natural look but with a little pop of extra on the outer corners for a feathered look! TWO HOURS LATER I was done. I can tell you I knew it was worth it with in 5 seconds of seeing them. She gave me eye cleaner so I can wash my eyes with out ruining the lashes, scheduled a fill for two weeks and I went on my way! I couldn’t be happier with my decision but I do want to go over a few things.

I did have an incident because I didn’t speak up – when I first laid down she put the eye pads on my eyes so she could properly work on my lashes with out my bottom lashes getting in the way. Well I could feel that my right eye bad wasn’t on properly and when I got up off the table my eye was extremely irritated and red. I gave myself about 3 days of pain before I decided to head to my eye doctor to make sure it wasn’t infected. Luckily it wasn’t but I did have some slight irritation. After another day it was gone completely so really no biggie there. Lesson learned, if it hurts say something haha.

Other than that I couldn’t be happier with the look and feel of them. Its been a week now and they are still loving amazing!

Things I Learned:

  1. They take a lot longer to put on than I expected but a fill will take about half the time
  2. There are a lot of styles of lashes so make sure you come prepared with multiple photos so your artist really has a good idea of what you want
  3. Make sure you also know what style you like – classic, hybrid, volume, mega volume.
  4. If something doesn’t feel right or your uncomfortable SAY SOMETHING!
  5. Do not use oils on your eyes or around your eyes – this stripes the adhesive
  6. Do not get them wet for the first 24-48 hours
  7. Brush them everyday! I brush them twice a day with the spoolie brush she gave me
  8. When you wash your face with your face wash try to stay away from your eyes as best as possible (tip: I wash my face in the sink so I can see myself in the mirror)
  9. Mine cost me about $200 with out tip for the first round. When I go back it will be about $60 every 2-3 weeks. It is a high cost but I cut down on coffee so I could do it.
  10. Make sure you use the eye wash! You don’t want to avoid your eyelashes completely because that’s how you get infections of your eye lids. Girl please wash them! Just properly

Are you getting eye lash extensions? Let me know!



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