Not Your Basic Reading List

Well this is shocking. As a girl who’s mom read and did her book reports in the third grade (yes I got caught) I never imagined I would be writing a fall reading list blog post. So what changed? Well I grew the f up for one. I never liked to do things that other people asked me or wanted me to do – anyone else? Well as I got older I got more into reading, circa 2012 when I was two years into college and realized other people were reading for pure enjoyment….

Now here we are years later and I am still reading so I am here to say reading is cool. I honestly go to Barnes and Noble every other week just to look through all the new releases. I stick with books in business and self development if we are being honest but come fall I brand more out into fiction. I re-read Harry Potter because, hello its Harry Potter. Here are my picks for what you should be picking up this season. Just image all the cute pics you can take on a patio with a blanket and good book while the leaves are falling around you. Vibessssss. And it all started with a good book. Who would have thought?

Leave all your favorite books in a comment below so I can add them to my reading list!



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