Must Have Summer Shoes (High & Low)

Shoes, shoes — I love, shoes. Anyone else singing that Tik Tok song in their head when they think of shoes lately? Just me? Okay haha.

With everything going on we all want something to look forward to when quarantine is over! Mine is shoes — I have been doing sooo much online shopping and I noticed what I gravitate to the most is shoes. I feel like the current shoe trends are just everything right now. Here is what I have been shopping for when it comes to shoes lately. I divided it into two categories, regular shoes (heels and sandals) then sneakers. I LOVE sneakers in the summer, especially a good white pair. If you have a cute super girly dress I love to dress it down with a pair of sneakers and frilly socks! There are a few higher end options but I did my best to include some moderately priced items as well. Happy shopping!



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