Lululemon Who?

Oh Lululemon, you create of some of the best leggings my butt has ever squeezed into but at your $100 price point you do nothing but kill my wallet. 

I am sure you all get where I am coming from. We want that booty lift that Lululemon gives us all and that tummy control material that keeps us looking slim at the gym. Well after some long searching I can say I have found some GEMS that will give you an amazing booty boost & they are squat proof! Lululemon who?

Hello Gymshark – you probably know this brand if you follow the likes of fitness queens like Whitney Simmons and Nikki Blackketter who are affiliates of the brand (if you don’t follow them you should if you are into that fit life). Whitney is basically almost every girls fit body dreams. She utilizes her Youtube channel to share her work out routines and gives you a glimpse into her every day life with her favorites of the month. Her fun and uplifting personality sucks you in and keeps you watching. Now that she is affiliated with GymShark her gym fashion game is something you can embody even if you aren’t on her fit level yet.

The Seamless Energy High Waisted Leggings in Purple Wash are my absolute favorite! When I say high waisted I mean HIGH WAISTED! They are a high compression legging which is what I love for leg days since they are also super stretchy. Since they are such high compression I did size up to a medium vs my typical small and they fit great. I suggest getting the matching sports bra to complete the look. They have tons of great leggings – other popular styles are the Flex leggings and Ombre Seamless but I think the Energy give you the best body shaping all over. The Seamless Energy High Waisted retail for $54.00 and you can find them and other on

The next few leggings can all be found on my favorite online shop – Amazon. I am always one for a good deal when it comes to anything I buy. I always cross check the price of things with Amazon first. Like most of us it has become our go-to for anything and everything, but did you ever think of buying leggings from Amazon? I didn’t either. It wasn’t until I came across some Youtube videos of people buying these ‘Lululemon Dupes’ that my interest peaked for these leggings of dreams (all for under $25 dollars).

First pair are from a brand called Yogalicious and at a $22 price point these were hard to pass up! They are high waisted, obviously a must but what caught my attention was the amazing royal blue color. They are super stretchy and forgiving. A great pair for a yoga class or a light cardio day.

Now there is 90 Degree by Reflex. You have probably seen these around your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx stores. I have found that Amazon has the best selection since all styles are available in multiple colors. I love some good color options! At first I just ordered a black pair to see what size I would be – these leggings fit a little loose so I stayed with small. After I got the first pair I was HOOKED! I now own the Sage color, Gray and Black. All fit great and are high waisted. I wore these to the gym on leg day and never had to adjust or continuously pull them up. At $22.99 its hard to find something to complain about with these.

The final pair from Amazon are from Queenie Kee, probably the most under rated leggings on Amazon considering it is the least amount of reviews compared to the first two. These leggings are sure to please and surprise you. They are SO high waisted and comfortable. Like 90 Degree by Reflex, these come in so many colors which is a high plus for those who don’t just want a plain pair of black leggings. I got these in a size small and they fit perfectly! Great for any type of work out or for just running some errands.

Last but certainly not least I want to chat about one of my favorite brands for both cute dresses but some incredible leggings. White Fox Boutique has some of the best double paned compression leggings I have ever tired. The Australian based clothing brand knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to work out clothes. Recently they partnered with Sarah’s Day – the Australian based self-proclaimed domestic princess. Sarah has gained quite the following over the last few years after the growing popularity of her Youtube channel that features content all around healthy living by listening to your body. Sharing her workouts or what she’s eating to fuel her body she has dived into the e-book world with her first e-book Shred It to Shred It and now her second Shred it Reload. Some how this girl still finds the time to create a work out line with White Fox Boutique and it doesn’t disappoint! I was lucky enough to snag a pair of her That Must Have Legging during the first launch. All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS – these are AMAZING. They retail for $60 dollars U.S which are the most costly of my list but they are so worth it! I wore these to a spin class my first time wearing them so I could really test them out and I have no complaints. I will say that Australian sizing can be a little strange and I think these run small. I ordered my typical small at first but they are a little tight, I would size up if you are between sizing. I was able to re-order in a medium and they fit like a glove. Perfection. I can’t wait for her second launch, dropping on July 10th. Head over to White Fox Boutique to check it out!



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