I Found The Best Leggings on Amazon

Let’s talk leggings, one of the most versatile items of clothing we have in our clothing collections. Would you agree? We have all seen leggings go for hundreds of dollars – WILD. I’ve personally never spent that much but I have spent about $100 on some Lululemon Aligns because they are the some of the most buttery soft leggings out there. I have been on the HUNT for similar ones for a lot less.

When you have two German shepherds who shed like crazy, and a 4 month old that spits up with no warning you don’t want to wear your super expensive leggings everyday at the risk of getting them ruined. Am I the only one who thinks like this? I always figure the best place to look is Amazon, and let me tell you. I have found a holy grail legging. Yes I said it HOLY GRAIL. They are super soft and buttery, come in some amazing colors, and look phenomenal on. Need I say less?



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