Grandmas Are Always Right: Sick Days ‘Tea’ Recipe

So I have been sick for about three days now. I realized that once I felt myself getting sick I instantly went back to my nostalgic childhood ways I learned from both my grandmothers. The moment I said “I don’t feel well” or “I have a sore throat” the lovely ladies in my life busted out that tea kettle and concocted me what is now my favorite ‘tea’!

Well the tradition continues on because now that my husband is sick (sorry Matt) and I have been throwing my blend down his throat to get him better (not really but you get the picture haha). Let’s get down to the recipe – its so simple.

What You Need:

  1. Hot/ Warm Water (12-16oz)
  2. Lemon (1/2 squeezed)
  3. Local Honey (1-2 tablespoons depending on how badly my throat hurts)
  4. Cinnamon (optional) (1/2 a teaspoon)
  5. Why these ingredients?
Why these?

Well honey is a naturally so rich in so many minerals that are needed in order to just survive in every day life but when your sick honey has some extra special benefits. I love it for the the fact that it really coats my throat and soothes it from heavy coughing fits. I also love it because its a natural antibacterial & antiallergic… does it get better? YES because it also boosts immunity and so so so many other things.

Lemon? Well come on, natural detox – enough said. BUT since I know your wondering lemon is also known to fight infection and boost immunity while also is a natural detoxifier like I mentioned which is GREAT for getting all that unwanted nonsense out of your system!

Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant – cinnamon has it going on but since I know it is a taste not everyone can hang with I keep this optional.

How do you make it?

First, boil your water! I like to wait to mine cools down before putting my honey in because if you heat honey too high it can actually damage it and it won’t work properly. Once your water has cooled down slightly pour it into your cup, add the honey then squeeze your half lemon in there. Stir stir stir – the honey WILL stick to the bottom but if you continue to stir for about 30-45 seconds your honey will dissolve and you will be left with a slightly brown color tea. If you wish you can now add in your cinnamon and stir for another 15-30 seconds to ensure everything is combined. Drink away and feel better!

What is your favorite thing you do when your sick to get you through? Let me know on my tea IG post!



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