Go-To Detox Water

I practically don’t go anywhere with out our Hydroflasks. Mine is white with a cute pink top – which if you know me is very unusual for my personality but its so cute! I love water and love creating new recipes for naturally flavored water

My favorite recipe is actually super simple to make and has some amazing health benefits for you gut and skin.

  • 16oz of water
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 2 mashed mint leaves
  • A pinch of fresh ginger (grounded)

Well you know why water is important but what about lemon? Lemon actually aids in digestion and detoxification because its juice structure is similar to those of our digestive enzymes. Woah. It also tricks your liver into producing bile which assists in the breakdown of food! Need a mood boost? Lemon. It’s natural antioxidants also help with skin health since it helps fight damage caused by free radicals. I always ask for lemon water at restaurants and have honestly found that I have less stomach aches after eating when I consume lemon water with my meal.

Let’s talk mint! It’s not just for making that breathe smell amazing. It helps in the relief of depression and fatigue 🙂 Of course it also helps in the aid of digestion as well! My grandparents actually grow fresh mint and have my entire life. They taught me to just eat mint or make a mint tea when you have a stomach ache. To this day it is still my go-to which is why I put it into my water.

My fav – ginger! I LOVE ginger. I use it in everything I can – dinners, juices and of course water! Ginger helps to prevent gas and bloating which I constantly suffer from since I am lactose intolerant. Sometimes hidden dairy in foods can’t be avoided but ginger really goes help. It also helps in immune system support which is GREAT during the winter months in Boston.

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