For those of you who don’t know me personally – I am insanely organized. Now that my wedding is over and the planning that goes along with it I have decided to get my personal life back together again.

Some of you may be wondering what that means….well welcome to my planner world. Again, for those of you who don’t know I am not only Cortney Tayla but I am also @caféandplans on IG. This is a place I have created to help myself stay on track, be organized but also chat with others in the planner community!


So as you just read above I did indeed just get married (woot-woot). I am actually writing this on my “honeymoon” but not really because we are actually going on our honey moon this coming April 🙂 Regardless with comes marriage comes A LOT of financial responsibilities. I am no longer responsible for my own well being but now also the well being of another and potentially others in the future. The first task on my “getting my life together” to do list was to create a financial section with-in my agenda to help me better organized my hard earned cash money.

Here is how I break it down:

My top tab dividers from @brooklyngraceco on IG and my clear labels by @carpediemplanners for those of you who were wondering.

$$$ is for my daily tracking of purchases. I have noticed the past few months my spending being a little more than usual so I wanted a place to start writing down all my transactions to be able to properly access where I need to adjust my spending habits. So far Starbucks adds up quickly.

Expense section is where I use my Monthly Expenses Tracker by @cloth_and_paper on IG to track what I have coming out each month! I then use this to check off when these items come out so I know what I can utilize in my budget tracker.

Budget section is where I plan out how much spending money I can give myself after all my expenses! This gives me a chance to see exactly what I have for “fun money” at the end of every pay check.

The home is for future home goals and things we are saving for in the future. I have a three year timeline listed out in that section for what we need to save each month in order to purchase our next home. I also track items in this section that me and my husband own jointly. This section is also where we put items we want to purchase in general like long term money goals how much we think we need to save for this! It’s nice to see items like this listed out ahead of time so we know the reality of what these costs are!




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