Facial Rollers and Massagers

Okurrrrrr….let’s talk facial rollers and massagers because well I am sure you have seen them all over social media and you’re thinking WTF is that? Hi – I am one of those people posting those videos of my face all oiled up rolling away with my jade roller. So I have been getting SO many questions about it and why I do it. So here we go….

I use two forms of facial rollers (that I use) – a jade roller and then a facial massager. Both essentially for the same purpose just with different levels of pressure depending on how much I drank the night before.

Jade rolling is actually an ancient Chinese medicinal treatment for toxin removal. Jade is a type of stone that is non-porous so it won’t harbor bacteria in it which is AMAZING when you are using things on your face since you don’t want to use things that will potential cause you to break out. We are trying to fix issues here not create them, am I right? Yas.

So why jade roll or facial massage? Well here are some benefits –

  1. Like I said, removes toxins
  2. Relieves stress
  3. Depuffs skin (amazing for after a night of too much tequila)
  4. Helps with dark circles & as a mediterranean gal I need all the help I can get there
  5. Reduces inflammation
  6. Rolls out wrinkles (YAAASSSSSS!)
  7. Tones facial muscles
  8. Stimulates blood flow/ circulation
  9. Boost collagen
  10. Relieves sinus pressure
  11. Stimulates acupuncture and reflex points in your face
  12. Drains lymph notes – hello lymphatic drainage.

So what the heck is lymphatic drainage and why is it so important? Well when your lymphatic system is backup up or clogged it can cause an array of health issues you might be unaware of! Some of these can be headaches, brain fog, lack of energy, and even reduced ability to fight off infections.

Now, lets chat about how I massage my face….I always start with a good serum/ facial oil. These two should always be pressed into the skin vs rubbed like lotion – this helps in the absorption! I take the opportunity of facial rolling to press them in over a long period of time for optimal results! Since I typical facial roll for at least 20 minutes its the perfect opportunity PLUS it helps the rolls smoothly run across my face. Right now I am loving One Love Organics OH MEGA oil.

There are tons of videos out there on facial rolling & I highly suggest you give those a watch before starting to just roll your face. I always suggest upward and out ward motions then outward and down the neck. Again – watch some videos. I use the same techniques when using my facial roller instead of my jade roller.



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