Cosmetics Fridge? Yeah – You Need One.

So ever since I posted a pic of my ‘cosmetics fridge’ people have been asking me non-stop what the heck I keep in there! Well here it is…and its pink – ugh so cute!

You can honestly keep whatever your heart desires in your fridge. I got a 6 can size so there isn’t much room for activities but it is amazing for small items. I personally keep preservative free products in mine. Why? Because preservative free products don’t have the ability to stand the test of time when left out in a warmer environment. Keeping them in a mini fridge or even your regular fridge will help them last PLUS they will feel amazing on the skin. I buy a lot of my skincare items from a local apothecary (Red Antler Apothecary). They make an amazing day and night creme that I love for every day wear, especially when I am going makeup free!

Facial sprays – these mists feel so refreshing on your skin but let me tell you. They feel even more refreshing when kept at a cooler temperature. TRUST ME its totally worth it. Face masks go by the same rules in my book. All those sheet masks I had lying around my house waiting to be used? Yeah they are in my mini fridge living their best lives until I need some R&R.

Finally I keep my facial rollers in there – if you are looking for some info on facial rolling check out my previous blog post for all the deets. The cooler the roller the better because it helps fight inflammation! Freeze it, chill it, run it under cold water – whatever you like! Just make sure its cold for the best results.

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