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It is no secret among my friends + family that I am truly a juiceaholic. I am that person that spends the $10 a month to Pressed Juicery just so that if I am ever in the neighborhood of one I can get my juice at a discounted rate. Not to mention that I am LAAAZZZY, meaning most of the time I want my juice delivered. Thank you Pressed for saving my internal organs after a long weekend of drinking.

Typically during the warm summer months is when it’s safe to venture out of my cozy house in New England and take a walk over to some of my favorite juice spots. Why favorite(s) instead of favorite you may ask? Easy -each juicery offers something very different so it really depends on what I am in the mood for that day. Here are some of my favorites and why!


Pressed Juicery is my go to spot for bottled juices, I like walking into the all white aesthetic and feeling all happy inside because I know I am going to get some delicious goodness. I have a membership here so the price per bottle really isn’t so bad in the grand scheme of things. I really love their cleanses too! These I always get delivered since I like to have them ready in my fridge + they come on ice. Super convenient. BONUS: They have ‘freeze’ a dairy-free soft serve made from real fruits, vegetables, and nuts. If you love ice cream you will for sure love this!

What to get if it’s your first time: I personally never go with out getting Citrus 2 – pineapple, apple, lemon and mint. Its super refreshing especially in the summer months. Don’t forget to get a freeze, I love the matcha one!

Locations: Pressed Juicery has locations across the U.S but you can find them in Boston on Newbury Street, in Harvard Square and also in Wellesley.

Find them: Pressed Juicery

Mother Juice is a convenient for me since I work close to the North End in Boston.  Its menu is pre-fixed but all juices are made daily so you know they are fresh. They have a large juice menu but also make some amazing smoothies and breakfast bowls. The Health Bomb is my favorite! If you want to get your juice or breakfast bowl before they run out get there in the morning – I can guarantee most juices will be sold out by the afternoon….good luck!

What to get if it’s your first time: I always get the C++ with out fail. I love anything with carrot in it but the mix with ginger and pineapple is SO GOOD!

Locations: You might see me around at the Boston Public Market location but they also have two other amazing location in Kendall Square and on Newbury Street.

Find them: Mother Juice

The Juicery is really one of my favorites because of the ability to create your own juices or add what you like into their already great menu options! Most juice spots you are limited in options or your subject to only pick from the menu. The thing about The Juicery is they literally make it to order. You seriously can’t get any fresher than that. Walking in you are engulfed in the smell of freshly pressed juices. Love it.

What to get if it’s your first time: ANYTHING! Really though try something new or add something you have never tried into one of their juices. My go-to is always ginger, I love adding ginger to any juice for the digestive benefits.

Locations: In Boston you can find them on Salem street going towards the North End. If you are every over my the coast you can also find them in Newburyport and Portsmouth NH (my favorite).

Find them: The Juicery



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