Baby Registry Essentials

I have officially hit the third trimester! Although I am about 99.9% sure we aren’t going to be having a baby shower I did make a baby registry around the time we first found out I was pregnant (organized queen lol). To be honest though, a lot of the items have changed on my baby registry just because of constant research + constant ads being thrown in my face on Instagram of cute baby brands haha. Luckily between me, my mom and my mother in law I think we have most of the important baby items covered!

I will say as a quick disclaimer that everyones needs and all babies love different things! I don’t know yet what our baby is going to like or dislike since I am not due until July but here are some items I have marked as “must-haves” on my registry!

First let’s chat about transportation. With everything going on in the world right now we don’t anticipate going many places with our baby, but we obviously wanted to have the transportation necessitates. We went with the Nuna Tavo Travel System when it came to our baby stroller and infant car seat combo. I liked this because it was a whole system that clipped together – so we purchased two Pipa Bases (one for my car and one for Matts) this way the infant car seat can easy be clipped in or out of either car with ease. The system comes with the Tavo Stroller. The car seat not only clips right into the stroller but the stroller itself can be transitioned and used even after he is out of the infant car seat.

I wasn’t ever really a fan of baby carriers if we are being honest – when I think of a baby carrier I think of like a cloth wrap and to me I would be constantly worried about my baby some how slipping out. After a lot of research and consideration I decided to go with the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier for a few reasons. I have two German Shepherds and they love go to on walks and the thought of having to push a stroller while holding a 90 pound German shepherd on a leash doesn’t seem very smart to me haha. So we decided that the best bet would be to go with a constructed baby carrier like the Baby Bjorn. It also had some phenomenal reviews and was a top registered item on our registry website.

Next item isn’t really a necessity for most but I added it here because I think its a bonus item for all nursing mamas. It’s the Milk Snob Car Seat Cover – which can also be used as a nursing blanket! I love multi-purpose items! I went with a few different colors for myself but as a Star Wars lover I obviously purchased the Little Rebel color way!

Sleeping baby – oh do I hope and wish our baby gets into a good sleeping habit quickly but thats not always the case. With all of our baby classes getting canceled we decided to look for some online classes we could take. After watching countless Youtube videos I found that everyone kept recommending Taking Cara Babies Sleep Class. Basically Cara is like the baby sleep whisperer and comes with years of experience with babies. Getting her course was a no brainer and at a $74 price point it was worth it in itself. She also has different classes for different age groups so we will for sure be investing in those in the future as well!

Her class recommends a noise machine – something we already were interested in getting. We went with the Hatch Rest + for a multitude of reasons but I really like the wake up feature. You can set different colors and noises for different things to help regulate your babies sleep cycle for easily. All is controlled from the app on your phone too – yay for technology!

Of course you need a crib, bassinet, crib sheets, dresser and basically all your typical nursery necessities but there were a few additional “sleep” based items that we definitely wanted to invest in. One was the 4Moms Mama Too Swing – I know some babies absolutely HATE this thing but we are really hoping our baby loves it. It is the perfect piece to have him lay in and be rocked and we can be hands off – cooking, cleaning, doing things around the house with a close eye on him as he naps or just gets soothed. Another item was our DockADot – a bit pricy for the time you are able to use it (0-8 months) but for us it was a no brainer. We loved the versatility of it and we plan on putting him in this and then inside the basinet as night for that extra layer of security. It is also great for just hanging around the house – we are giving birth in July so I plan on being outside with him as much as possible enjoying the nice weather on our patio. This will be perfect to lay him in on the couches with us.

We also went with the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor. We liked this one because it works with Alexa – we have Alexa in our kitchen, basement living room and master bedroom. This allows us too quickly say “Alexa Show us the Baby” if needed. Theres also an app which tracks sleep schedule, humidity and temperature tracker & the camera has two way video and audio. It was moderately priced in comparison to other baby monitors so for us it ticked off all the boxes.

I am going to breast feed so for me feeding involved hunting for a breast pump that worked for my lifestyle – I settled on two. The Spectra and The Willow. I feel like picking a breast pump is very personal and to each their own so I am not going to go into too much depth on this, but I will say the Spectra came recommended from my doctor and then The Willow I liked for the ease of it – I liked that it was cordless and allowed me to pump while doing things around the house. It is discrete as well so if I have to pump and I am not home it is a comfortable way to do so.

I also love the Boppy Nursing Pillow – this to me is a no brainer, it allows baby to sit comfortable in your arms and takes some of the weight off of you.

I feel like diapering is also a very personal category in a way – are you doing reusable diapers or disposable? Wipes are specific to each baby and the same with diapers honestly. You can start buying one brand but then have to switch completely because of sensitivities. In the hopes that that won’t be happening we went with Water Wipes – they are known to be the cleanest and least amount of ingredient brand. They are quite literally just water – something that I appreciate since I have sensitive skin myself. They have amazing reviews and the brand began after a mom fell into an issue with all other wipes with her children. We also are going with Pampers swaddlers as that is what came the most recommended but do your research and pick what’s most suitable for you!

I love baths and every time I am in the tub all I feel is kicks and kicks so I am assuming our baby is also going to love the water haha. When it comes to baths we plan on washing him in the sink and then transitioning to the baby tub with in the tub. The baby bath tub we chose has a temperature gage on it. I think this is super important because you obviously don’t want the water to be too hot or too cold, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative you can always get a rubber ducky off Amazon with the temperature gage on it too!



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