Amazing Amazon Home Decor

Amazing Amazon Home Decor

Truth be told I get bored really easily with my environment. I am always moving furniture around to get the best vibes possible in my house. I work from home, I eat at home, I hang out at home and I sleep at home. So basically, like a lot of you, I do everything at home. If my environment doesn’t feel happy, clean and intentional my mind can’t concentrate on the task at hand. If my kitchen isn’t clean I can’t cook, if my bedroom is a mess I can’t sleep. Well with spring almost upon us (hopefully) I decided to change up my home decor! To spice things up I purchased little additions to make things feel more put together and cozy. Where did I go to find these? AMAZON!

I love Amazon for everything from snacks to clothes (apologies to my husband) so why not home decor? The two rooms I needed to focus on in my home are my living room and my bedroom because I recently changed the rooms around (again). I decided that since I am constantly changing my mind with home decor I didn’t want to spend too much money on items. In both rooms I recently threw away the rugs we had so I figured this was the best place to start! I feel like rugs can really change a room. They add a cozy feel to any space and they are moderately inexpensive on Amazon – YAS!

Living Room

Some people might think of the vision they want for a room before they look for items but for me I start with the biggest item I want to purchase and browse until something stands out to me and then pick the theme I want for the space. In this instance the rug was my focus so I typed in area rugs on Amazon and scrolled until something caught my eye. I found the one pretty quickly and decided that I was going to go for a tribal boho theme with lots of whites, cremes and blacks.

Then it was time for pillows! I literally still have the same pillows on my couches that came with them. You know what I am talking about – those awkwardly patterned pillows that then have the same couch fabric on the other side? Yeah those. Well its time for some new ones. Instead of purchasing all new pillows I decided the best bet, cost wise, would be to get covers. I stayed with the patterned theme but since my couch is gray I stayed with cremes, blacks and whites to compliment the rug.

Now how to we tie this all together? Window treatments! I have a huge window in the living room which I love because it lets in so much amazing light and warmth into my house. I had gray window treatments but I felt like I already had too many grays in the space so I went with a simple white. I contemplated some patterns but with the pillows already being so pattern focused along with the rug I went for a simple look. Which allowed me to pick some awesome wall art to balance everything out! The wall art I purchased from Etsy but I will link them down below as well.

To showcase the art I didn’t want to just stick them to the wall and call it a day. Thats just not my vibe – like I said I am intentional in my home decor. I purchased these amazing clear floating wall shelves which not only let me put art work on them but ALSO some cute plants and nicknacks! The art work I chose had pops of pink in there to add a non-neutral tone in there. Finally I got a cute little Moroccan pouf foot rest in white to tie everything together!


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Okay now let’s talk my safe space – the bedroom. Matt and I decided that a royal blue bed would be the best idea in the world when we moved into this house. Well, it is an awesome focus piece in the room but the problem has been that there hasn’t really been anything I can really envision for the space besides white and gray. I have seen other people on IG with blue couches and beds so AMAZING things with the space so it was time to take on the challenge.

Like I said I started with the rug. I wanted a Persian bright feel for the room with some pinks and yellows. I went with a 9 x 12 large rug that could go under the bed but still have plenty of space along the sides to show the pattern off. This one also had the royal blue through out which obviously made it the perfect fit. Next was pillow covers again!

I decided to go with a nice mustard color – I know what you are thinking – WHAT? How can mustard possibly be nice?

Well if you want a sneak peak you can scroll down to the bottom for some actual pics but I decided to go with these 24 x 24 pillow covers for a nice pop.

Then I then added two cream accent pillows to go with a new cream blanket to bring some more neutral tones into the room since there are lots of pops of colors happening. To bring it all together I found an accent pillow with both colors in it along with some tones from the rug – gorgeous! Matt and I also decided it was time for a new comforter! I tagged one we previously had above but I also tagged our amazing new one from Buffy! Shout out to Lauren Elizabeth for the idea. LOVE IT!

There you have it! Easy and inexpensive ways I created a cozy and inviting living room and bedroom!


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