2021, Same Me but Different | My Health and Fitness Goals for the New Year

I feel like typically when the New Year approaches I am typically saying something along the lines of ‘wow already?’, but I think a lot of people can relate when I say that all I am thinking is ‘YES FINALLY!’.

I can’t say that 2020 has treated me badly. I feel fortunate in a lot of ways but when it came to my mental and physical health I have not treated myself like I should have. Anyone relate? Having my son in July was my saving grace because he has given me such happiness but through focusing all on him I have lost my perspective in my own health. I heard something once from a fellow mama that went along the lines of, you can’t be the best person for your child if you aren’t the best version of yourself first. This hits home for me.

When my husband and I met one another we bonded through our love for health and fitness. I was always the athlete and after high school and college I found myself lost because I no longer has a physical outlet. That is when I began going to the gym and that love for working out grew as I started dating my now husband. I have been meatless and dairy free since 2015, meatless by choice and dairy free because I am lactose intolerant. I always pushed myself to try new recipes and be creative with my healthy eating habits. I would make juices once a week and prep meals. When I got pregnant I lost a lot of my motivation to workout, if you have ever been pregnant you may understand the struggle. I was hot, I was uncomfortable and I was tired. Especially towards the end of my pregnancy there was no way you were getting my butt to do anything physical.

COVID struck around my 7th month of pregnancy so of course I was very cautious and ended up staying home 99.9% of the time. My world became my house. I am not the type of person that minds staying home but after a few months I can say that it did begin to take a toll on my mental health. I was able to find some light in the tunnel since I was pregnant and so excited for my next chapter and I was working on our new home renovation but like many other people I had my good days and bad. I tried to be as healthy as possible during my pregnancy for the health of my baby. I was able to gain only the recommended weight my doctor wanted, I kept my eating habits good and I tried my best to at least go for a walk. After my son was born is a whole different story and I have no one to blame but myself in all honesty.

Post-baby basically became a feast of lots of sugar, proceeded and just very unhealthy foods. Oh, and I haven’t ‘worked out’ technically in over a year. After all this being said YES FINALLY 2021 is probably a little more understood now. I am not ashamed or upset about any decision I have made with my health because everyone has good and bad times in their lives in every sector – there is no such thing as perfection. My goal for 2021 isn’t to change who I am but to become the best version of myself so I can be Me just a little different – healthier, happier and focused.

I wanted to make this post because I am sure there are a lot of people out there in my same situation, maybe you aren’t a new mom but maybe you have fallen off your health wagon in 2020. Or maybe you just want to restart a new lifestyle in 2021. Maybe 2020 has ignited a fire in you for a change. Whatever it is I am here with you. That is why I wanted to share what my goals are for 2021 in all sectors so maybe you can also take some inspiration from it!

My postpartum hair loss has been EXTREMELY BAD. Like I shed more than my two German shepherds combined and husband has to tell me for months to call the doctor. So I am starting to take a post natal supplement then I will transition myself into a multivitamin there after. The brand that I chose was Ritual Vitamins. I am sure a lot of you have heard of them. They can trace all their ingredients back to specific locations, they are vegan, non GMO and basically no bullshit. I do not like bullshit, especially when it comes to my health. I will say that I used to take the CareOf Vitamins and I liked them but I did not like the fact that there were so many separate pills to take. I am not the best with swallowing pills and the fact that there were like five or six in the pack was a little anxiety provoking. I made the decision to switch to Ritual after comparing the ingredients and realizing that Ritual to me was just a better fit. If you are interested in Ritual you can shop the postnatal vitamin I am using here and the regular multivitamin here .

I used to be able to drink a gallon of water a day while I was working out almost everyday, but now I have been struggling to drink water for some reason. Even while I was pregnant I had to really push myself to get my water in. Super strange but I found that adding something with flavor into my water really helped me drink a lot more water. I discovered Liquid I.V while I was pregnant and I LOVE it! I love that its prepackaged for serving size, I love the flavors, I love the different products they offer. I drink the Hydration Multiplier every day – the passion fruit and guava are my favorite flavors. Then I love the energy for days where I need the extra boost. I will be using the energy more on workout days to give me some extra fuel for my workouts. I also love the sleep multiplier on my more restless nights to help me snooze! You can use code CORTNEY25 for 25% off your order if you are interested in Liquid I.V or shop here which will automatically give you 25% off.

Another addition to my water intake is my Healthish Water Bottle. I am sure a lot of you gals have seen those water bottles with the times written out on them so you can be sure you can be hitting your water intake goals. Basically this one of those but cute and aesthetic. I am such a visual person and when setting a goal I find it easier to accomplish when the task is laid out in front of me or even if I set a timer and give myself a certain amount of time to do something. Anyone else like that? I just feel like if I see it I can do it. What my plan is for the water bottle is to actually incorporate my Liquid I.V into it! You can shop the water bottle here

My goal for water intake is 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water – so I currently weigh 140 so my goal is 70oz of water per day!

Since we are chatting about water intake let’s also jump into eating as well. As I mentioned above I have been meatless since 2015 and I don’t do dairy either. I will say that in 2020 I was more lax with my dairy but I was me refraining from all dairy moving forward. Not only for my health but as my son gets older I want to be a good example since he is also lactose intolerant. My goals with eating are to remain meatless and dairy free but in addition I will to do a sugar detox and cut back on alcohol. I also want to add in more juices and nutritious balanced meals.

I love juicing like LOVE to make juices. I don’t do cleanses but I do utilize juice as an addition to my healthy lifestyle to get in extra servings of fruits and veggies. When I make my own juice I always try to make sure I am utilizing highly nutritious foods in both categories. When I am purchasing juice I always make sure I am doing the same. I also always try to buy my juice locally. I love Pressed Juicery because they have a location near me, I love the brand and their juices are phenomenal. I have also previously used their delivery services which are also great! They typically have sales around the New Year as well so if you are interested in juices I would check them out! You can check them out here. I will also be sharing my own juice recipes here very soon for you! My goal with my juice is to begin my morning with a celery juice and then something detoxifying before my morning coffee and water intake followed by breakfast.

When it comes to food a company I love is Daily Harvest. Ever since my husband and I started working from home we have found ourselves lost when it comes to breakfast and lunch. We found ourselves eating sugary cereals and ordering take out for lunch way too much – something not good for our health or our wallet. Daily Harvest is a company I used in 2019 before getting pregnant. I used to work in corporate and finding the time to have breakfast in the morning while still making the train in time to get to the office was a struggle. I loved how easy it was to just pop a smoothie into the blender and be on my way in the morning! They have recently added oat bowls, soups, flatbreads, harvest bowls and even healthy ice cream. We order 26 items a month (thats the plan we use). It allows us to always have a breakfast or lunch item available in our freezer to just make quick while we are home. LOVE things that are easy and simple especially with a baby. I restarted my plan this week and my first re-order will be arriving right around New Years, so perfect timing. They also will typically have sales around this time of year so if you have been eyeing their amazing goods across IG I suggest checking them out in these coming weeks for deals. You can shop them here & as of today they are having up to $20 off your first box! I’m not sure how it works but I have a code that will give you $25 off your first box if you are interested – RE-8LEVDHV

I would be lying if I told you I was going to be working out 7 days a week right off the bat. I actually just laughed out loud thinking about that. Like I said it’s been over a year since I have worked out so I am not going to just throw myself into it like a spring chicken. I do plan on working out as much as my body allows me – at first that might be just 1-2 days a week or 2-3 but I SLOWLY want to work my way up to 5-6 days a week. My husband and I have created a workout space in our basement laundry room where we have our Peloton Bike, a giant mat, adjustable weights, kettle bell, weighted ball and a few other pieces of equipment. I will link everything I bought in this post because I actually got most of it from Amazon! If you are looking for affordable at home equipment for sure check there! Along with my Peloton bike my goal is to utilize my Melissa Wood Health subscription – LOVE her for more pilates style workouts for building long lean muscles. I will be doing some weight training and I also want to get back into yoga for my mental and physical health! Keeping it simple and straight forward. I will be sure to post workouts and updates here and on my IG! A few other workouts I want to try in 2021 is HOT PILATES – an LA based pilates studio that actually now offers online programming and I am obsessed with the owner. I also have heard amazing things about Obé but I personally can’t speak to that yet!

My hair and skincare are a HUGE part of my mental and physical health. If I don’t feel good about myself I am not myself. I spoke earlier about my postpartum hair loss and that is something I am really self conscious about. I will go into a whole hair journey chat in another blog post but one thing I want to do is be more gentle with my hair. I recently invested in the Dyson Air Wrap Styler to use less heat on it but still be able to style my hair so I can feel good about myself. I will be updating you all on that very soon! Another thing that changed during my pregnancy was my skin! Like wow I went from glowing while pregnant to dull quickly post baby. I recently just invested in a ton of. TULA Skincare products. I picked TULA for a multitude of reasons but really its because they use such clean ingredients and the results I have seen are incredible. I always have my baby near or around me and he’s really interested in touching my face. I wanted to keep that in mind when selecting my skincare and TULA was just a great fit for that. I will be doing a full review once I have used and tested the products consistently but I will like what I purchased here for you! I am not expecting a miracle but I do just want to improve the overall health of my skin since I am only getting older haha.

After this past year mental health has become such a pivotal part of my overall health. Doing things to destress, taking a minute for myself, winding back on the amount of screen time I am doing, and focusing more on the way I am feeling are all ways I work on my mental health. Once a week or so once my son goes down for bed I plan on having a mommy day – a day for me to just sit in the tub with a hair and face mask on and maybe with a glass of wine and just unwind, phone free. I have had anxiety from a young age so through the years I have had to find ways to destress myself. This is for sire something I will be continue to grow on in 2021. I hope to share my anxiety copping tricks with you through the year as well!

My over all goal is just to be healthier, I am not looking to be the skinniest or lose an astronomical amount of weight. I am looking to feel confident in my skin and my body, feel good about myself and be happy! I hope this inspired you to make a list of goals for your 2021 health journey and look at health as more than just working out! Being healthy to me means being as balanced as possible in all aspects of my life. Of course its impossible to be perfectly balanced but I hope to do my best and I wish the same for you! I would for us to support on another on our health journeys! You can follow me on IG for more day to day updates & please send me a PM if you want to chat about your health and fitness goals. I would love to start a little support group as well so we can all stay focused together!

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