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Wellthy with Cortney

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Meet Your Health Coach

Cortney Tayla DiGiovanni

Welcome to my Wellthy with Cortney! I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, INHC - Gut Health Specialist, soon to be Certified Herbal Practitioner as well as a Yoga Instructor based in Boston, MA. I am so excited for you to be here and discover my programs. I believe in a bioindividual approach to help women develop sustainable habits in their nutrition, movement and mindset. Each person’s journey is different so the approach to meet their goals are also different. I hope to help you get wellthy too!


At Wellthy with Cortney, we are passionate about empowering women to discover their unique path to mind & body wellness. Our approach is completely bio-individual to each person. Our coaching services are built to offer you the appropriate foundation not only during the program, but afterwards. We will give you the tools you need to thrive while living and maintain a healthy, well balanced and realistic lifestyle.

Let’s Work Together | Coaching Programs

Lifestyle + Nutrition

Designed to help women looking to gain or lose weight or learn about more balanced and intuitive eating habits

Gut Health

Designed for those who are suffering with signs of inflammation, gut imbalances as well as any digestive distress.

Hormone Health

Designed to help those who are suffering from diagnosed hormone imbalances. (Diagnosed by a health professional)

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Additional Health Services

Group Coaching

Somethings are better with friends and supportive like-goal oriented people. Enter group coaching! Group coaching programs are offered in a lifestyle + nutrition package, gut health package and hormone health package. Group coaching will be open January 2022

90 Min Intensives

This is great for anyone who has something specific they want to work on. In intensives we dive deep into the sectors of your life that need the most attention. You will receive a review of everything we discussed along with my professional recommendations, tools and resources.

Yoga + Mindfullness

Movement coming soon to Wellthy with Cortney in the form of yoga classes that will be offered on a subscription basis as well as FREE live classes that will be done through Instagram Live. If you are interested in Yoga and meditation services follow Cortney on Instagram for latest updates.


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