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Wellthy is for YOU.

The person looking to feel good inside & out, and live happily beyond restrictions. A modern wellness babe breaking past industry norms into a personally curated space of health and wellness.

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Cortney Tayla DiGiovanni

Hey there babe! I am an integrative nutritional expert who specializes in gut health. When I am not coaching or blogging I am a mom to a busy toddler and a self proclaimed bougie hippie. I spend my free time gardening, trying out new farmers markets and concocting new recipes in my kitchen. Wellthy was created to help women find balance, confidence, happiness, and peak wellness beyond the standard norms of the industry. Together we talk lifestyle, food, wellness, productivity and so much more. Welcome to the wellthy family!

The Γ€ La Wellthy Program


This one-on-one call takes us deep into your wellness goals. Afterwards you will receive meal programs, recipes, and suggestions for implementing changes into your life, completely tailored to your specific tastes, needs, and lifestyle.

Completely Wellthy

A complete wellness glow up!

The one-on-one coaching service is built to offer you the tools you need to make long term lifestyle changes that are maintainable and make you feel good! I will give you the tools you need to maintain a healthy, well balanced and realistic lifestyle. This program is completely tailored to your specific tastes, needs, and lifestyle.


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