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I am a yogi in training + functional nutrition health coach. I’m on a mission to redefine the journey to wellness, nutrition and movement. I believe that health is different for every single person. My goal is to help you find the best way to meet your goals. I hope to transition you from a life of mindless eating to mindful nutrition + most importantly, fall in love with yourself while doing it! My clients and I work toward making small changes to their daily life, that ultimately leads to living one that feels better for them both physically and emotionally. On my blog you can read all about my favorites wellness products, fitness tips and even some insider recipes. If you are into social follow me on IG @cortneytayla for even more in the moment tips + tricks. You will probably also see my Sunday farmers market trips, my daily eats, and personal routines for wellness while balancing motherhood. Follow to follow along!

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There is always room for growth and knowledge in the subject of nutrition. Are you ready to take control of your health and wellness journey?

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Ashley on the /SƏLF/ Ebook

"The Ebook so far has been helping me find a bit of calm, some me time that I felt I needed yet wasn’t sure where to start. All the words...
"The Ebook so far has been helping me find a bit of calm, some me time that I felt I needed yet wasn’t sure where to start. All the words on the circle at the beginning of the book are all constant needs in my life that I’m continuously trying to allot out time for. Answering the daily questions is a relief because it shows me I’m doing better than I thought and it helps me realize what needs a little bit more of my attention each day. Taking care of myself, running a business, being someone’s significant other, taking care of fur babies and a home can sometimes leave me foggy about what I actually did during the day haha but setting intentions each day and checking in on myself helps me so much so the Ebook gets a gold star from me and I will for sure continue to use it! Thank you!" - Ashley

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